Eagle Scout Honor Page

This Page is to Honor those Scout that have made Eagle Scout




Timothy Joseph Duncan Troop 427 January 27, 2014
Daniel Joseph DeRoose Jr Troop 427 February 10, 2014
Tilar Mattheu Palmer Crew 739 March 4, 2014
Mark David Quesnel Troop 355 April 8, 2014
Paul Willis II Troop 354 June 22, 2014
Zachary Michael Feltz Troop 355 August 26, 2014
Robert West Carrigan, Jr. Troop 884 October 27, 2014
Erin Michael Jackson Jr. Troop 530 November 15, 2014
Adam Mark Mizell Troop 355 December 15, 2014
Richard Martin Troop 427 December 22, 2014
Nicholas Albert Heuchan Troop 117 December 29, 2014


Boy Scout Eagle Badge



Baltimore Area Council Eagle Reserve

The Eagle Reserve is a newly created alumni group in the Baltimore Area Council designed to re-engage Eagle Scouts who live and work in Central Maryland.  With over 20,000 Eagle Scouts in Central Mayland, the Baltimore Area Council is committed to providing opportunities for Eagles Scouts to network and learn more about Scouting locally.

The Eagle Reserve is using small, network gatherings in local county restaurants to communicate about local Scouting success as well as to meet other Eagles.    

 To keep up to date go to the Baltimore Area Council Eagle Reserve Page


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